Excursions dans le Sud de la Sardaigne


Dream Beaches

Duration: Half day

We will escort you in the most beautifull beaches in the South Sardinia!

An example? Tuerredda! Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia for its white and fine sand and for the transparent color of the sea, which remember a Caribbean landscape.


Barumini & Giara di Gesturi

Duration: 1 day

Su Nuraxi, or more properly the Nuragic village of Su Nuraxi, is a settlement dating back to the Nuragic Age developed around a Nuraghe, found in Sardinia in the territory of Barumini. It is one of the largest Nuragic villages of Sardinia far just a short walk from the Giara.


Cagliari Tour

Duration: Half day

Our staff is at your total disposal in order to organize lovely and funny guided tours to discover the most charming and authentic places of the city of Cagliari

You can see the monuments and the natural and architectural beauty that have always characterized this ancient seaside town.


Sant'Antioco Island

Durata: 1 day

A guided tour that will take you to discover the common thread that unites this beautiful and unspoilt island with the catacombs and the museum of bisso.


San Pietro Island

Duration: 1 day

San Pietro Island is one of the most famous islands of Sardinia, visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the world for its crystal clear beaches. A world untouched by any kind of modernity, with unique and exciting natural landscapes.

The island also fascinating for its history of Genoese conquest. A trace of ancient history, visible since you get to St. Peter: you will have indeed the impression of not being in Sardinia because of the citizens who speak Ligurian language!

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